The Opposite of Addiction, with Jim Hardy

March 1, 2018

Meet Jim Hardy, a resident of Brevard, North Carolina, and organizer of a four-part series on the so-called "War on Drugs." In this podcast, Hardy discusses the reasons why the War on Drugs should be radically and urgently reconsidered. According to Hardy, the War on Drugs has "turned criminals into millionaires [and billionaires], and sick people into criminals. In a nutshell, that's America's War on Drugs." Hardy's four-part series covers the following topics:

    Session 1: Everything you Think you Know about Addiction is Wrong.
    Session 2: The Tragedy and Damage of the War on Drugs.
    Session 3: Enlightened, Compassionate, Accessible Treatment for Opiod Addiction.
    Session 4: Into the Light: Local Sources of Hope and Compassionate Support and Healing for Those Dealing with Drug Abuse and Addiction.

This podcast discusses the history of the War on Drugs and the need to advocate for a new approach. The following experts and resources are referred to in the podcast, all of which can be found on YouTube:

    The House I Live In, an award-winning documentary by Eugene Jarecki.
    Everything You Think you Know about Addiction is Wrong, a Ted Talk by Johann Hari.
    What is Addiction?, a YouTube Video by Gabor Maté.
    Addiction and Trust, a YouTube Video by Marc Lewis.
    The Biology of Desire, a YouTube Video by Marc Lewis.
    Addiction in the Age of Brain Science, a YouTube Video by Dr. Marcus Heilig.
    Drug Addiction is a Learning Disorder, a YouTube Video by Maia Szalavitz.
    Addiction 101, a YouTube Video by Raj Mehta.

After hearing this podcast, please consider inviting Jim Hardy to speak to your organization, house of worship or business! Reach Jim at, or by calling 828-862-6969.


Meals on Wheels of Brevard, NC, with Board Member Sasha Jones

January 17, 2018

Meet Sasha Jones, a board member of Meals on Wheels of Brevard, North Carolina. In this podcast, Sasha shares her experiences as a driver, substitute driver and board member.

Of course, the primary mission of Meals on Wheels is to deliver daily nutritious meals to its homebound clients. But Sasha notes that Meals on Wheels provides so much more to its clients than daily sustenance. Often, clients will not see another person besides their Meals on Wheels volunteer the entire day, week, or even month. 

Volunteers are always needed, and can contribute mightily with as little as one hour per week.

Find more about Meals on Wheels of Brevard, NC at their website: ,  or their FaceBook Page at Meals on Wheels of Brevard, NC.

The Community Side of Recidivism - Meet Peter McKinney

October 17, 2017

Meet Peter Mckinney, a retired executive and member of the prison ministry at St. Philips Church in Brevard, NC. Peter shares his involvement with “Charles” (not his real name), an inmate in the Craggy Correctional Facility in Asheville, and the efforts of the St. Phillips prison ministry to combat recidivism one inmate at a time.  

 You can find more about the St. Philips prison ministry here:

You can find the documentary called “RISE”, referenced in the podcast, here:

Meet Mark Burrows, Director of Transylvania County Planning and Community Development

September 28, 2017

Meet Mark Burrows, Director of Transylvania County Planning and Community Development.  Mark shares his stories about the history of the area, some of the goals for the county and the wonderful character of our people.  With this release of the podcast you will notice a new member to the team, Steven Anderson.  Steven's talents definitely add a great deal to the show and we know you will enjoy Mark's story presented through Steven's talents.  Thanks to everyone for their help and support.  

Meet Nicola Karesh, a Writer, Poet, Community Activist and a Playful Spirit

September 11, 2017

Freedom walk


Meet Nicola Karesh, a writer, poet, community activist and a playful spirit.  Nicola writes for the Transylvania Times about the Rosenwald community.  She also organizes events in our community including the Faces of Freedom Exhibition.  She is originally from Jamacia and shares interesting observations about our community that broadens the mind, at least it did ours.  We hope you enjoy her stories as much as we did collecting them.

Transylvania Together

Meet Kyle Tinsley, Graduate of Brevard High School and former leader of the Acceptance Club

July 13, 2017

Meet Kyle Tinsley, Graduate of Brevard High School and former leader of the Acceptance Club.  He was interviewed by the Transylvania NAACP's summer intern Sam Farrar.  This is an amazing interview of love and the power of focusing on good works.  If our future is in the hands of young adults like these, we are going to be just fine.  Thanks to both for sharing.

Meet Bobby Jones of Cedar Mountain, NC. His grandfather was Solomon Jones of Solomon Jones Road, the road to Pretty Place.

June 18, 2017

Meet Bobby Jones of Cedar Mountain, NC.  His grandfather was Solomon Jones of Solomon Jones Road, the road to Pretty Place.  Bobby grew up running these mountains, fishing the streams and helping his family make ends meet.  Sometimes that meant helping his father make moonshine.  We hope you enjoy these delightful stories Bobby has taken time to share with us.

Meet the founder of Transylvania Indivisible. David Williams.

June 1, 2017

Meet the founder of Transylvania Indivisible. David Williams.  Indivisible is a resistance group in Transylvania County working locally, regionally and nationally.  All are welcome to join.  The group is not about the left or right.  It is about a moral obligation to speak up for what is right and against what is wrong.  David has this to share and so much more.  Enjoy this interview from a local activist.

How the Affordable Care Act (ACA) helped Cedar Mountain, NC get a new cafe

May 15, 2017

Meet Lucia Gerdes, owner of the Cedar Mountain Cafe.  Her personal stories and international experience made us shake our heads and even made our jaws drop.  Well worth a listen.  It was a windy day and some of the audio suffered as a result.  We apologize and found her story so compelling we knew you would want to hear it.  Thanks Lucia!

Meet Dal Davis, a student at Brevard College.

April 27, 2017

Dal Davis wears many hats at Brevard College.  He is a student, a leader and organizer of the first Pride community event on campus.  He was gracious enough to share his story with us and we hope you enjoy it.